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Our 2023 Year in Review

Our 2023 Year in Review

Extracted from stories written by Lea Coglhan; see individual photos for photo credits.

We’ve extracted the highlights from the post sale stories that Lea wrote for The 2023 Brahman News Editions. The full stories are posted under “Sales and events”. Just click the sale for the story you wish to read or click the heading links in this story.

2023 Gympie Female Sale

Held at Gympie Saleyards on Saturday 3rd June,2023.

Brahrock Miss Right Power 7141 (IVF), (PP); Photo Shannon Sommerfeld

Surpassing the 2022 record by $5,000, Lot 50 Brahrock Miss Right Power 7141 (IVF), (PP), earned vendors RM and BG Sommerfeld a handy $55,000 payday. The unjoined daughter of Elrose Just Right 11856 (IVF) (PS), and Brahrock Miss Platinum Elmo 5661 (IVF) (PP) sold to Ruan and Rosetta Grazing for $55,000. The vendor noted “great bone, loose skin, a lovely soft feminine heifer”.

Some 86 head were sold at the event, to gross $944,500, slightly down on last year’s returns, and an average $10,982 per head.

More than 100 bidders registered for the 3 June sale.

Brahrock Lady Esto Henny 7161 (PS); photo by Shannon Sommerfeld

Second top selling grey Brahman unjoined heifer was Lot 58 Brahrock N Miss Rocca Bella 185 (IVF) (PS), presented by Neville and Shannon Sommerfeld. The daughter of Kenrol Darrocca 2761 (PP) and Brahrock Miss Elmo Anna Bella 4503 (ET) (H) sold to D Hurrell and A Ford, Gympie, for $54,000. The vendor noted “a beautiful headed and feminine Darrocca daughter with lovely bone and body and good temperament. Three Darrocca sons have already sold this year for average $46,600”.

Brahrock HJ Ruby Mr V8R (IVF) (H); photo by Shannon Sommerfeld

Hayden Sommerfeld’s Lot 24, Brahrock HJ Ruby Mr V8R (IVF) (H) was top selling red Brahman unjoined heifer, going under the hammer for $19,000. Sired by MR V8 660/7 (IMP US) (H) and Brahrock HJ Miss Ruby (IVF) (PS), she was purchased by Diddine Brahmans

Lot 9 Jomanda Robin 1250 (PS) was second top selling red Brahman unjoined heifer. The daughter of Kandoona Kennedy 15257 (IVF) (PS) was sold by vendor M and C Johnson to Double K Brahmans for $11,000.

Greengrass Developments, Talavera, Charters Towers, purchased 16 head for an average $10,781 and gross $172,500, including the top selling Miss Brahrock Power 6865.

2023 Rockhampton Brahman Week

Held at CQLX Gracemere on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of October, 2023

The Brahman industry’s flagship sale, Rockhampton Brahman Week Sale, saw more than $7 million exchange hands between vendors and buyers over the three days.

Total revenue was $7,887,000, with an overall average of $10,216. Of the 837 bulls offered, 772 were sold for a 92 per cent clearance rate.

Action on each of the three days was even, with 252 lots going under the hammer on day one ($2.38m), following by 246 on day two ($2.44m) and 238 on day three ($2.9m). The red catalogue of 368 bulls returned $4,006,500 to an average $10,887, 403 grey bulls exchanged hands to return $3,881,500 for an average $9,632.

The $120,000 Tarramba True North 4664 (IVF) (PP) with vendors Adam, Tracy and Wallace Gunthorpe, Tarramba Stud, Banana and buyer Brian Harriman, Reedybrook B Stud, East Palmerston and Anthony Ball, Elders Stud Stock. Photo by Kent Ward

The top priced bull and top selling red sire was the Tarramba True North 4664 (IVF) (PP), offered by Gunthorpe Cattle Company and purchased by Reedybrook B Brahmans, East Palmerston, for $120,000.

Sired by Y3K Billionaire 9002 (PP) and dam Tarramba Dienka 4168 (ET) (PP), the two-year-old polled sire came with an “unflappable nature”.

Mountain Springs Nashville (ET) (PS), a 26-month-old red polled sire, found a new home with the Rockemer Family, Gigoomgan Pastoral, Brooweena, paying $100,000.

Offered by Monto breeders, Eugene and Jessica Mollenhagen, Nashville was sired by Fairy Springs Duracell 3606 (PS) and dam Mountain Springs Carolina (ET) (PP). The second top selling bull was noted for his “great sirey head, good bone, excellent length, tidy underline with an exceptional temperament”.

A 33-month-old polled grey bull, Doonside 2794 (IVF) (PS) was the top selling grey bull and equal third highest selling bull, fetching $90,000.

Presented by Bill and Kay Geddes, Milman, Rockhampton, the impressive bull was sired by MR V8 279/7 (IM US) (PS), and dam Rockstar Martin Impress 68 (IVF) HH). He was purchased by the Eulogie Cattle Company.

Top price grey the $90,000, Doonside 2794 (IVF) (PS) with Anthony Ball, Elders Stud Stock, purchasers, Matthew and Janelle McCamley Lancefield M Stud, Dululu and vendor, Bill Geddes, Doonside Stud, Barmoya. Photo by Kent Ward

Kandoona Red Brahmans’ first of two top ten performers, Kandoona Kennedy, 17056 (PP), sold for $90,000.

The 23-month-old horned red bull, sired by Somerview Rockefella 2719 (PP), and dam Kandoona 14972 (PS), found a new home for $90,000, courtesy of Ewedale Grazing Partnership.

A 25-month-old, polled red sire, Rockley Arkyn (ET) (PS), was the fourth highest selling bull, going under the hammer for $80,000.

Offered by long-time seedstock producers, Rockley Brahmans, Arkyn was sired by Elmo Picasso 1023/7 (PP), and dam Rockley Miss Datababe 125 (IVF) (PS), and purchased by Joseph and Felicity Streeter, Fairy Springs Brahmans.

Eureka Creek Brahmans presented the fifth top selling bull, Eureka Creek Marindi (PP), a 25-month-old grey polled bull, sired by Avee 977 (PP), and dam Eureka Creek Zara 576 (PS). Marindi was purchased by Kenilworth Brahmans, Mount Coolon, for $70,000.

Northern Territory commercial beef producer, Rallen Australia, assembled a draft of 49 Brahman bulls to lead the group of bulk purchasers at the Rockhampton Brahman Week Sale in October.

Owners of several large pastoral properties in northern Australia, Rallen Australian paid an average of $4,796 for their draft, to a top of $7,000 for Tarramaba Talladega 4459 (PP).

2023 Gold City Sale

Held at Dalrymple Saleyards, Charters Towers on the 3rd November, 2023

Some 117 bulls were sold, with the bulk of the catalogue selling for between $4,000 and $10,000 and the top eight sires fetching between $10,000 and $21,000; with the average of $5,427 and 68 per cent clearance .

Glengarry S Snap Shot 124 (PS), a 21-month-old grey poll/scurred offered by Scott Angel and Sons, Glengarry, Rockhampton, topped the sale and the grey catalogue, going under the hammer for $21,000.

Sired by Glengarry Polled Playmaker 56 (PS) and dam Mooramin Pearl 905 (H), Snap Shot was noted by his vendor as “a pigmented young polled sire with a real stamp of quality. The bone correctness, constitution and growth rate have just got better and better as time has gone on”. He was purchased by M and B Davidson, Moondah Station, Prairie.

Elders studstock representative Anthony Ball and vendor Scott Angel with Glengarry S Snap Shot 124, the top priced grey Brahman. Photo by Sally Gall – Queensland Country Life

Second top selling sire and top selling red Brahman bull was Stockman Truman (PS), who sold to Arafura Cattle Company, Normanton and Townsville, for $18,000. The Christopher McCarthy-bred, 27-month-old bull was by NCC Red Odyssey (IVF) (PS) and dam Stockman Dienka 414 (IVF) (PS)

Liam Kirkwood, Ray White Geaney Kirkwood, with the top priced red Brahman bull, Stockman Truman and vendors Harrison, Chris and Genevieve McCarthy, Stockman Red Brahmans, Junction View.. Photo by Sally Gall – Queensland Country Life

We hope to see you at our sales in 2024.

    • Gympie Female Sale, Gympie Saleyards, Saturday 1st June, 2024
    • Rockhampton Brahman Week Sale, CQLX, Gracemere, 7th-9th October 2024
    • Gold City Sale, Dalrymple Saleyards, Charters Towers, 1st November 2024

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