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ALC Brahmans Bull Sale

ALC Brahmans Bull Sale

This year’s sale will consist of over 100 bulls, many of which are either polled or scurred.  They are well grown, in good condition and are ready for work.  As usual, the bulls will be presented straight off grass (no grain or crop).  All bulls will have four generations of female fertility data available as well as age of puberty and scrotal measurement.  EBV’s for growth, scrotal size and days to calving are also presented.  All bulls are sire verified, poll tested, semen and morphology tested.

On Wednesday 3rd July bulls will be sold under the Helmsman Auction system combined with an online bidding option through AuctionsPlus.  

Bidding on sale day will commence simultaneously from 10:30am to 12 O’clock with no timer countdown.  This gives buyers plenty of time to either walk through the pens of bulls or view video’s online, whilst analysing the data supplied, without pressure.  Bids in multiples of the minimum bid amount of $1000 will be in place for the duration of the sale. 

Lunch will be offered from 12 O’clock to 12:30pm.  No bids will be accepted during this time. 

From 12:30pm the sale will recommence in simultaneous bid format still, however a timer countdown will be in place.  The clock will start at 2 minutes, then after some time will reduce to 1 minute then 30 seconds.  If any bull is bid on during a specific countdown timeframe, the clock is then restarted for that countdown timeframe.  If no bulls are bid on during any allocated countdown timeframe, then the sale is officially closed.


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