Using Internet Solutions: Customising Display of Search Results




Text Box: Figure 1. An example customisation of the animal listing display

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While many breeders routinely use the Internet Solutions suite of tools offered by most Breed Societies to access animal and EBV details, plus search upcoming sale catalogues, most may not be aware that the software allows them to customise the display of their search results.

Rather than using the default display of information, customising the display of search results enables users to determine not only what information is displayed, but in what order the columns are listed.

Having logged in to the online secure members page using a username and login (see later instructions), users are able customise their search results display.

To customise your results display:

  1. Click on the link ‘Modify my report layout’ which is situated on the top right of the page.
  2. Users can customise the results displayed for EBV graphs, animal enquiry, EBV enquiry and member enquiry search results.
  3. Enter a sequence number next to the fields which you wish to be displayed, for example 10, 20, 30 etc. Fields will be displayed in ascending sequence number from left to right across the page. Fields with no sequence number will not be displayed.
  4. Click the ‘Update’ button at the bottom of the page to save your preferences.

Once these preferences have been stored, users can simply conduct searches as per their requirements and the search results will be displayed as per their preferences.

Users can remove or reset their custom search report configuration at any time by clicking the ‘Clear’ button at the bottom of the ‘Modify my report layout’ page.

Examples of Customised Results Display

Figure 1 is an example of how a user might customise their Animal Search Display to show only the animal identifier, birth date, sire, traits observed, 400 Day Weight EBV and Eye Muscle Area EBV.

Figure 2 shows how the results of an animal search would then be displayed once these preferences are saved.

Figure 3 shows an example customised EBV Graph display where the EBV traits Calving Ease Direct, 400 Day Weight, Mature Cow Weight, Eye Muscle Area and IMF have been selected for display.

Logging into the Secure Members Page

Users can login to the secure members page in a variety of ways.

From within a web browser, the member’s page can be accessed either from participating Breed Society websites or directly from the BREEDPLAN website through the Member Login tab.

If using the Member Login tab option, users need to select the Breed Society database which they wish to access, whereby users will be asked to enter their Member ID and Password.

Users will then be taken directly to their individual Members Page from which they can navigate to other parts of Internet Solutions by clicking on one of the tabs displayed at the top of the screen.

If you do not have a Member ID and Password registered for the Member Login, or you have forgotten your password, contact your Breed Society. Setting up a Member Login password and ID is free for Breed Society members.

Further Information

For further information about using Internet Solutions, refer to the BREEDPLAN booklet ‘A Guide to Internet Solutions’ available in the Technical area of the BREEDPLAN website.

Figure 2. The results of an Animal Search using the customisation shown in Figure 1.

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Figure 3. A customised EBV Graph