• Before taking your photo check that your camera is set on the highest resolution.
  • Make sure to take the photograph of the animal side on and standing as square as possible. Attract the animal's attention so their head is slightly turned to camera and their ears are forward. Make sure to include all of animal, do not cut off feet or ears.
  • Try not to take photo in long grass and avoid taking photo of animal in front of a cluttered background if possible.
  • Ideally take the photo in full sun with the sun BEHIND the camera and avoid shadows across animal.
  • Do NOT colour correct or crop your photos - supply original images.
  • When attaching JPG photos to emails please label them by their name or lot number and which sale they are for.
  • Send photo at "ACTUAL SIZE" via email and please don't send via Skydrive.
  • If large photos send one at a time, rather than all at once.
  • In some cases we maybe able to remove background clutter by superimposing your animal on to a new background, if you supply a blank background.
  • If the photos are for use in the Brahman News or Brahman Graphics please email to:
  • If the photos are for Online Sale Catalogues only please email to: