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Revision to Reportability of Australian Brahman Fertility, Carcase & Mature Cow Weight EBVs January 2013

Changes made in Minimum Accuracy levels for Brahman EBVS

At the request of the Australian Brahman Breeder Association changes have been made to the minimum accuracy threshold for Fertility, Carcase and Mature Cow Weight BREEDPLAN EBVs. The changes to minimum accuracy thresholds are shown in the table below.

BREEDPLAN EBV Previous Accuracy Threshold New Accuracy Threshold
Mature Cow Weight (MCW) 60% 50%
Scrotal Size (SS) 50% 40%
Days to Calving (DC) 35% 25%
Carcase Weight (CW) 50% 40%
Eye Muscle Area (EMA) 50% 40%
Rib Fat (Rib) 50% 40%
Rump Fat (P8) 50% 40%
Retail Beef Yield (RBY) 50% 40%

The revised approach to reporting of the fertility, carcase and MCW EBVs will result in a greater number of young or "new" animals with reported BREEDPLAN EBVs for the traits above. These changes will assist breeders in selection for Fertility and/or Carcase attributes, particularly in younger animals.

These changes will be implemented in the January 2013 Brahman GROUP BREEDPLAN analysis and will therefore be applied to all future BREEDPLAN analysis and sale catalogue extracts. The online search facility (Internet Solutions) will be updated after this month's BREEDPLAN Group run.

If you have any questions about these revisions please contact Paul Williams Brahman Technical Officer – (07) 49276066 or